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Some legal and other facts about Finnish football clubs

In Finland football clubs like most other sports-clubs are organized as registered associations. Therefore they are legally regulated by Finnish association law. Associations arrange activities for their members. Thus your child is a member of a registered association. You can also become a member of a club by paying the membership fee. All the members of a club are eligible to participate in the yearly meetings of the club. The yearly meetings elect the members of the board of directors and decide among other things about the club´s budget and membership fees.

The matters of the team are decided by the team leadership group. The team leadership group consists of the team leader, a kitman, a treasurer and possibly other people assigned for their posts. These people are usually elected among the parents in the parents´ meeting. The team coach is either chosen by the club or elected from the parents.

After your child becomes a member of a club, he/she usually gets a license to play for the club. If your child changes clubs, he/she becomes a member of the new club and must get a transfer-document from the old club. The parents must request the transfer-document from the old club. The transfer-document must be given, if all the obligations (membership fees and other payments) towards the old club have been taken care of.

A team usually practices on a pitch or indoor-venue reserved by the club. The team and its members are responsible for cleanliness around the practice-area. In other words no litter should be left on the pitch or in the dressing room. If a player must be absent from training/games, the coach should be informed according to the rules of the team. A coach is in charge of games and practices. When a team has a practice, there should not be other players on the pitch at the same time without the permisssion of the coach. This is good to know, when parents encourage their children to practice on their own. Usually the pithes are reserved in the evenings.

1.1 The payments of the team and club

The reason for a fee A membership
 A player fee A monthly of
a team fee
A membership fee of the club     
A possible membership fee of the football section     
Administrative costs (accounting, internet, phones, copies etc.)     
Full-time staff     
Educational costs     
Payments for training facilities (pitches, gyms etc.)     
A registeration fee for junior-league     
Player education (skill-schools, district teams etc.)     
 A team shirt     
 A tournament fee     
 Training equipment     
 First-aid equipment     
 Other equipment     

The role of a parent in a club and in a team

A club would not exist without enthusiastic parents. Every parent can choose his/her degree of involvement, but every parent is needed. By taking part in different activities you know why, where and what is happening in the club. By participating you can also have an effect on the matters.

In the parents´ meeting the future events of the team are discussed and decided upon. At the same time the regulations of the team are set and how the team´s budget will be financed. Thus it is important that every parent is present at parents´ meeting. During the year there is a lot of information about the team. It is desirable that the parents should see as many games and practices as possible. That way it is also easier for the parents to be informed about the team.

Most of the information about the team comes nowadays via e-mail. If your family does not have an e-mail
address or a message is for some reason unclear, ask the team leader to explain the message to you. You can also ask to have the message in writing, so you can ask a friend of yours or a member of the family to translate it for you.

Club activites are based on voluntary work. The team is funded either directly by the parents or with other
activities (voluntary work, garage-sale). These are also a good way to get acquainted with other parents.

Equipment (compulsory are marked with a star)


Provided by the team

The parents buy

Team shirt *  
Indoor trousers  
Shin guards *  
Football cleats  
Goalkeeper’s shirt  
Goalkeeper’s trousers  
Goalkeeper’s gloves  
College shirt  
College trousers  

Shell suit

Tracksuit trousers  
Tracksuit top  
Futsal shoes  
Drinking bottle  

Bag for equipment